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The Year 2020 (Greg Pannell) for double
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"The Year 2020"

I just completed this piece in late June of 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. This piece is in marked contrast to another recent piece called Tranquility. This one has more to do with the despair that a lot of folks are currently dealing with. It could just as easily been called the perfect storm. Social, Health and Politics, all converging as of this writing.

The piece is written for double string orchestra and harp. My hope is that you will find it somewhat introspective and thought provoking.




This is a piece I wrote originally for three violins back in the seventies. I recorded the three violins back in 2004. Recently I decided to orchestrate and expand a bit on the three violin idea. This is the result. The three actual violins you hear at the end of the orchestration segues and overlaps from the orchestration. I always felt this to be a very tranquil piece. Hence the name. Hope you enjoy.

The Beginning (Greg Pannell) 2004
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This is a piece that I wrote and recorded in 2004. That's me playing all of the instruments except the drums. Joe Gminder played the drums on keyboard.

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